About Us


Our History

Khoa Thuong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2004 and originated from a research group on infectious diseases in the Molecular Biology Laboratory – Department of Genetics, University of Natural Sciences – National University of HCMC.

With a solid scientific background and experienced experts, Khoa Thuong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading units researching and successfully applying Molecular Biology Diagnostic Kits for infectious diseases.

Simultaneously, with the increasing demands of the market and the need to expand product scales and types, since 2011, the company has launched new product lines in non-healthcare fields such as food safety, veterinary medicine, and aquaculture, which have high quality and receive positive feedback from customers.

With the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the field of biotechnology, the Khoa Thuong team continuously improves and perfects its products to best meet the needs of customers.

Field Operations

+ Research, manufacture, and supply molecular biochemistry kits used to diagnose diseases in humans, livestock, and aquaculture, etc

+ Consulting, developing, and transferring technology to public and private entities under contract.

+ Construction consultancy and technical support for the establishment of molecular biology diagnostic centers and departments at hospitals, medical centers, non-business units, etc.

Objective – Commitment

Our goal is to enhance technology, improve quality, ensure convenience, provide complete supply, offer timely technical support, and prioritize reputation. The quality of our products and services is ensured by a team of skilled researchers and technicians who receive proper training.

We commit to providing the best and most suitable techniques, reagents, regular training programs, and attentive post-sale customer care.

Human resources affirm the quality

Our team consists of scientists and employees with Doctorate and Master’s degrees, as well as skilled researchers and technicians who received proper training.

Our professional advisers are leading scientists from universities and hospitals. Every year, the company conducts regular checks and supplementary training to enhance the skills of our workforce.

The recruitment process is always strict to select qualified employees.

Modern facilities

Currently, we are fully equipped with modern machines for research and molecular biotechnology applications such as:

+ PCR machine system

+ Real-time PCR machine system

+ Automatic and semi-automatic ELISA machine system

+ Automatic DNA/RNA extraction machine system

+ DNA electrophoresis system, capillary electrophoresis

+ Gene sequencing system

And other basic and specialized equipment.